urges Biden and Trump to ‘stand aside’ for 2024
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In an interview with the media, he discussed his own retirement plans.

His decision to not run again was due to the need for a “new generation of leaders”.

During his 20-year political career, Mr Romney served as governor of Massachusetts for a time.

The prominent Republican has become a vocal critic of both Biden and Trump in recent years.

In January 2025, he will complete his senate term.

Mr Romney suggested that his decision not to run again was influenced by his age in a video posted to social media on Wednesday afternoon.

He said, “At the end of another term, I would be in my mid-80s. It’s time for a new generation of leaders.” “I am not running for re-election, but I am not retiring from politics.” Then he told reporters he intends to get young people to join the Republican party, run for office, and vote, and that having candidates from younger generations would benefit both parties.

As a response to a question from Mr Romney, he also said it would be a “great thing” if both President Biden and Mr Trump stepped aside so that both parties could select “someone of the next generation”.