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In order to embed, republish, maintain, and/or display the specific site content to which such code relates on your own personal, customized social media pages, web blogs, or microblogs (on the whole, your “personal social media”), we give you permission to cut and paste certain code explicitly made available to you through this website (whether the functionality is labeled “sharing” or not).


You can also cut and paste certain code distinctly made available to you through the website, forward it to your friends, so that they can view our content contained therein, and/or if they so desire, embed the forwarded code onto their own personal social media or re-forward it to their own friends.

If the website contains a “download” link next to a piece of web-content (an image, an icon, a wallpaper, a music track, a video, a trailer, an RSS feed), you are also permitted to download a single copy of such content to a single computer, mobile device or other permitted device for your own, non-commercial and legal use.

If the website enables you to download a software, the license to install and use one copy of it on your personal computer system, mobile or other permitted device in machine-executable object code form only and make an additional copy for back-up purposes; provided, however, that you understand and agree to the following conditions (i) By allowing you to download the Software, NEWS TUBE does not transfer title of that software to you (i.e., you own the medium on which the software is recorded, but the software’s owner will retain its full and complete title.

You may not copy, modify, adapt, translate, distribute, or create derivative works based on that software without NEWS TUBE’s prior written consent.

The software may not be assigned, rented, leased, or lent to any person or entity and any attempt by you to do so is void.

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It is prohibited for you to export or re-export the software in any form in violation of the laws or regulations of Pakistan, including the laws and regulations governing the export and re-export of commodities and technical data of Pakistani origin, including the software(s).

Similarly, you will be able to interact with other site users via comment boards, our social media pages, and/or similar services.


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