New York synagogue with illegal tunnel receives emergency work
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New York synagogue with illegal tunnel receives emergency work.

The sanctuary of a historic New York synagogue has been ordered to be evacuated after a secret tunnel built underneath it caused the structure to collapse.

Police and community members fought on Monday after a cement truck arrived to fill the tunnel. Nine people were arrested.

According to New York synagogue with illegal Buildings, “we have been investigating the illegal excavation work found underneath the buildings in Crown Heights since Tuesday morning.”

Despite warnings that additional action might be needed, officials said they would monitor the progress of the emergency stabilization work.

On Monday, city inspectors conducted an emergency structural inspection at Chabad-Lubavitch headquarters in Brooklyn to determine whether the illegal tunnel caused any damage.

As a result, there was a brawl between the police and some of the men who were resisting the effort inside the synagogue.

A criminal mischief charge, reckless endangerment charge, and obstruction charge was filed against them.

A prominent street in Brooklyn, where Chabad-Lubavitch headquarters are located, was tunneled under. In the city, the building is an important Jewish site.

Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson used to live in this building, which now attracts thousands of visitors every year.

After the Holocaust destroyed the Hasidic religious community, the rabbi led Chabad-Lubavitch and revived it. In 1994, he died, but his headquarters remain a famous Jewish center.

A lot is unclear about the tunnel’s construction, how it was done, and why it was built. Brooklyn’s tunnel appears to be connected to at least one other building.

Chabad Chairman Rabbi Yehuda Krinsky thanked police for their efforts and expressed regret over the vandalism committed by young agitators.

Members who have attended Chabad services and functions in recent years have complained about overcrowding.