Privacy Policy

The following is the main privacy policy for and News Tube publications online, as well as certain services offered by News Tube through its websites collects information about its users for four main reasons:

  •     Providing personalised services tailored to each user’s needs.
  •     We use this information to monitor and improve our services.
  •     The purpose of the site is to sell advertising space. We are able to keep the site      free by doing this.
  •     Market services to individuals with their consent. may have additional privacy policies that apply to certain services.

When you register or subscribe to these services, please read these terms and conditions.

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Our Principles

    By using appropriate security technology, we strive to protect user privacy. To protect your information, we ensure that we have appropriate physical and technological security measures – when we outsource processes, we ensure the service provider has adequate security measures.

    Your privacy will be respected. Only DMG and carefully selected third parties should send you marketing emails.

    These choices will be made clear to you; for example, tick boxes will allow you to choose whether you wish to receive marketing material.

    However, we may occasionally send you an email with information or queries about your registration, subscription account or postings, such as reminders, warnings, or copyright requests.

    Individual user details will only be collected and used when we have legitimate business reasons.

    Our dealings with you will be transparent in terms of what information we will collect and how we will use it.

    Personal data will be used only for the purposes for which they were originally collected. Personal data will be disposed of securely.

    You can access our site via the Internet. You can access your data from anywhere in the world, regardless of where you post it on the site.

Information we collect and how it is used

How do we collect information?

The information we collect about our users is collected through registration and use of the website, through cookies, when you choose to disclose data in postings, and when you participate in sales promotions and competitions (“sales promotions”).

We may collect additional information from time to time in order to provide certain services, such as your geographic location, as designed. The same may apply to certain Apps that you download or that we provide to you.

The registration process

To register a user, we need an email address and a password. For different services, including sales promotions, we will ask further questions. All registration questions are mandatory, unless otherwise stated.

In addition, we may ask further, voluntary questions during registration for certain services (such as Classifieds or Events) to better understand our users. As a result, we are also able to personalize services for our users.

Using social networking credentials to log in

You grant Facebook permission to share your user details with if you use a Facebook login as a means of authentication. Using your name, email address, date of birth, and location, we will create your Dawn USER, and you can use your Facebook picture as part of your profile. You can also share your gender, networks, user ID, and any other information you choose to share according to your Facebook account settings by authenticating. The Dawn app will no longer have access to this additional information if you remove it from your Facebook settings.

Using a Twitter login as a means of authentication, receives your avatar and Twitter username.

Children’s data use does not knowingly collect or store any information about children under 16 except for Young World.

For children, Young World Online requires parental consent, does not display personal information about children, and all contributions are moderated before being published.

We share data with the following parties:

Your personal information will not be shared with others for marketing purposes unless you give us your permission. We will only share your information with carefully selected third parties with your permission.

Any information collected by DMG when you access a third party service is subject to this Privacy Policy. The privacy policies of third party operators govern information collected by them.

In order to comply with applicable laws and lawful government requests, to operate our systems properly, and to protect both our users and ourselves, we reserve the right to access and disclose personal information.

Third parties who provide services on our behalf are subject to strict contractual restrictions to ensure that your data is protected, and in compliance with applicable data protection/privacy legislation. In addition, we may independently audit these service providers to ensure that they meet our standards. Some of the service providers we use may be based outside of Pakistan to help us run these sites or services.

Plugins from third party platforms are used on some DMG webpages (such as Facebook Recommend). On these pages, third parties may collect information about your visit to DMG websites. You may be able to connect information collected by the third party to your account on the third party platform if you browse these pages while also logged into your account on the third party platform. You can find more information about how these third parties use your information by reading their privacy policies.

Use of Cookies

The following are some of the reasons why we use cookies:

    In order to track how many unique users we have and how often they visit our websites for statistical purposes. Each month, we collect data showing which pages are most frequently visited by which types of users and from which countries.

    Cookies and web beacons are sometimes used by third parties to collect anonymous user information. Learn how uses a third-party service to collect and use information.

    In order to track advertising impressions and conversions, DMG and third-party advertisers will generate statistical cookies.

    The cookies we place on your computer enable us to serve you advertisements that you might be more interested in, and to control how often you see them and measure their effectiveness. In this way, we are able to keep the site free of charge.

    It is possible for Flash cookies to store user preferences for media player functionality, and without them, some video content may not display correctly.

Cookies can be turned off, but you might not be able to use all services on our website, and you might see more pop-ups and other intrusive advertising because we can’t limit what you see. Editorial content will, however, still be available.

Please visit our Cookies page for more information about cookies and how to manage them.

In using the sites, you agree to the use of cookies.

About our advertising

Our website uses targeted advertising, which allows us to deliver visitors based on their interests.

When you visit, some of the cookies we place on your computer will be advertising cookies, so we can understand which pages you are interested in.

We use the information we collect about your computer’s behavior to group it with similar computers. We can then display advertising to your computer based on your interests. If you have been reading a lot of food and drink articles, we may show you more food and drink ads.

Other websites do not have access to our behavioral data.

To opt out, please visit

Advertising in other media

We may earn revenue from contextual affiliate links on There is no influence from advertisers or affiliates on our articles, nor are they written to promote products, except when clearly branded as a ‘sponsored feature’, an ‘advertisement feature’, or sponsorship content.

Contact information and legal information

Please contact regarding data protection.

Please contact the Data Protection Manager at the address above if you would like a copy of the personal data we hold on you.

Changes to the privacy policy

We will post any changes to our privacy policy here if we elect to do so. If the changes are significant, we may also email all our registered users with the new information. If required by law, we will obtain your consent before making these changes.