Taylor Swift takes revenge on Ex Joe Alwyn after split
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It appears that Taylor Swift is trying to get revenge on Joe Alwyn by flaunting her new romance with Travis Kelce.

A low-key and private relationship was maintained between the Anti-Hero hitmaker and Alwyn throughout their six-year relationship.

Since Swift started dating Kelce, her fans have noticed a change in her nature. It seems the singer is on to something with her frequent appearances with the NFL player.

According to psychologist Jo Hemmings, Swift’s public outings demonstrate that she is trying to make the actor on Stars at Noon jealous by her behavior.

The Sun quoted Taylor as saying, “We are used to Taylor being such a private person.”. Her lyrics are often the only way she expresses her feelings.”

“Now that she has found someone who is loud, she doesn’t need lyrics to demonstrate Travis’ pride in dating her,” the expert concluded.

“It must boost her self-esteem and make her feel good about herself,” he said of Swift before noting that her frequent public appearances with her new lover are a message for Alwyn.

“Getting back at him in such a public way with someone she’s having a blast with is the sweetest revenge,” she said.