Taylor Swift mania enters newsroom amid Era Tours bash
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The wild popularity of Taylor Swift knows no bounds, as USA Today hired a reporter, Bryan West, to cover her influence on pop culture and society.

“This position is no different than being a sports journalist who is a big fan of the home team,” the award-winning journalist told Variety.

“I just came from Phoenix, where all of the anchors were wearing Diamondbacks gear; they want the Diamondbacks to win.”

“I’m a Swiftie and I have followed her career my whole life, but I also have a journalism background: I went to Northwestern, won awards, worked in newsrooms across the country.” he shared.

Adding, “What makes this job so fun is that, yes, you can talk Easter eggs, but it’s more about the serious stuff like how she impacts society, business, and music.”

Originally from Arizona, Bryan previously worked at NBC News affiliate in Phoenix.