Simon Cowell warns son Eric he won’t get special treatment.
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Eric Cowell has been warned that Simon Cowell will not treat him differently if he auditions for Britain’s Got Talent.

Apparently, the music mogul’s nine-year-old loves his shows and wants to audition for them in hopes of joining a band.

Speaking with the Daily Mail, the reality TV judge said he would not promote nepotism by giving favors to his son if he appears on the show.

Cowell said he told Eric he would receive the same harsh judgment from his side as other contestants on the show.

The judge told him, “If you are not good, you will not appear on the show. Therefore, you will have to rehearse. Sorry, you will have to take a lot of lessons,” he said.

“He’s like, ‘Okay.’ And then he lost interest, but I’m not sure why. It’s just that he’s up for it for some reason. The show won’t feature him if he is terrible,” he added.

Eric Cowell is being trained to become a judge on Britain’s Got Talent under the tutelage of his father, Simon Cowell.

As Cowell shared, “Trust me, he’s in training.”. Cowell explained, “I don’t ask him to watch the shows with me before they go out, but I watch his reaction.”

In other words, if they are bored, they are bored, and if they are interested in something, they are interested… That actually helped me a lot. It would be nice if he did what I do.”