Pakistan wins Tekken 7 Nations Cup, bagged $500,000
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The Pakistani team won the Gamers8 Tekken 7 Nations Cup by defeating South Korea 3-2 and will take home $500,000 out of the $1 million USD prize pool.

Teams from sixteen nations participated in a three-day mega event in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Arslan Ash, Atif Butt, and Imran Khan represented South Asia on the Pakistani team. Pakistan defeated South Korea 3-0 in the upper bracket finals, sending the Korean team to the lower bracket.

Although South Korea won the Losers’ Finals and entered the grand finals in contention, Pakistan emerged victorious.

Out of the $1 million prize money, Pakistan will receive $500,000 and will be crowned the world’s greatest Tekken team.

Journey to the tournament

It was by far the most dominant team at the event, with all three players performing exceptionally well.

In group stages, Pakistan secured a flawless 3-0 scoreline and qualified for the playoffs, where Pakistan continued their exceptional performance, winning the Semi-finals against the United Kingdom and both the Winners’ Finals and Grand Finals against South Korea.

Despite Arslan Ash dominating the Winner’s finals, Pakistan’s Grand Final performance wasn’t as good.

At the grand finals, Ash, one of the world’s best Tekken players, lost all three games against Bae “Knee” Jae-Min.

In spite of this, the rest of the Pakistani players delivered outstanding performances, ultimately resulting in their victory and earning them a well-deserved $500,000 prize from the $1 Million USD prize pool.

Separately, teams from the Losers’ bracket competed in a 1v1 match. It was Team Germany that emerged victorious in this event, securing a clean 3-0 win over Saudi Arabia to claim the $50,000 USD prize.