Katy Perry hits major snag in home accusation case against 84.
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Katy Perry hits major snag in home accusation case against 84.

Katy Perry is facing backlash after reports that the old trial she fought with an 84-year-old vet can be reviewed for ‘due process’.

Carl Westcott, 84, has sought a new trial after a Los Superior Court judge previously ruled that Perry’s agent, Bernie Gudvi, was obligated to sell the veteran’s $15 million home.

Perry’s attorney Andrew J. Thomas claims he was on painkillers after a 6-hour back surgery when his business agent ‘coaxed’ him into signing the contract.

In addition, they claimed the time limits set during the 7-day trial hindered their ability to ‘prove their case’.

The attorney also said, “Westcott therefore objects to the PSD (the judge’s proposed statement of decision), and reserves the right to bring motions for a new trial or to vacate the judgment, on the grounds that he was denied due process as a result of time limits on his case and being hurried by the trial court throughout the trial, despite the fact that Westcott had seven witnesses versus Gudvi only had three—and the burden of proof was on Westcott.”

Due to his dementia-like symptoms and Hungtington’s disease, his attorney argued that the contract should not stand.

He also concluded by saying, “The PSD fails to consider and should include that Westcott signed the subject contract in year five of the six-year arc of his disease and just one year before the uncontestable evidence that Westcott reported to doctors in 2021 that he had difficulty planning and executing things, he could not remember what medicines he took or why he took them, he experienced hallucinations, dream reenactment behaviors, and he heard music that was not there.”