Will Taylor Swift permanently move in with Travis Kelce.
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Will Taylor Swift permanently move in with Travis Kelce.

After taking a “practice run” at Travis Kelce’s Kansas City mansion, Taylor Swift will decide whether or not she wants to move in with him.

The Anti-Hero hitmaker and the NFL star have decided that if things go well, they will continue to “cohabitate” as it is the norm among ‘couples in love’.

It has been reported that Kelce and the global pop sensation are “obsessed” with each other, and they are desperate to spend more time together, according to Daily Mail.

An insider told the publication that Taylor is not moving in with Travis, but her friends and family believe that she is not exactly moving out either,” as she is not officially moving in with Travis.

In addition, the insider pointed out that “everyone believes that Taylor and Travis are soulmates,” he said. “Taylor is also of the opinion that this is true, but Travis is of the opinion as well.”

Swift and Kelce have been described by an insider as “absolutely obsessed with each other, and yes, they are very much in love with one another.”. Swift and Kelce’s dreams are similar in many ways – they want a future and possibly a family together.”

It is inevitable that they will continue cohabiting together if the way things are going continues to go the way it is because that is the way couples in love behave. As a kind of practice run, it’s a kind of like putting yourself out there for the first time.

The insider explained, “For Taylor, it is all about where she feels at home – and the place she feels most at home is with the man she loves,” in Kansas City.