Joe Biden makes history by joining UAW picket line
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According to Mr Biden, the workers deserve raises and concessions.

His visit coincides with Donald Trump’s planned arrival a day later.

Although workers felt the rivals might politicize the strike, they urged them to stay away.

Democratic president Barack Obama told picketing workers on Tuesday that they deserve a raise and other benefits.

According to him, the workers should be doing as well as their employers.

It is rare for a sitting president to attend strikes to express solidarity with American workers, although lawmakers and presidential candidates frequently do so.

Others dismissed the visits as political stunts aimed at getting votes, which would have little practical impact on the negotiations.

Billy Rowe, a longtime Ford employee, told the : “We’d much rather they didn’t show up.” “When you bring politics into it, it will cause friction.”

Earlier in September, the UAW declared a strike targeting Ford, General Motors, and Stellantis.

On Tuesday, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre told reporters the White House was not involved in the negotiations to resolve a labour dispute with rail workers in 2022.

Ms Jean-Pierre had previously insisted that the administration would “leave it to the UAW and the big three” to decide whether Mr Biden supports the current UAW proposal.