Ivanka Trump is pulled back into her father’s orbit
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Her father will go on trial for business fraud in a Manhattan courthouse on Wednesday.

A vivid split-screen depicts Ms Trump’s two lives: the one she knew before her father became president and the one she has since attempted to return to.

In the years since Donald Trump left the White House, Ms Trump has publicly distanced herself from her father’s circle. After he announced his new bid for the White House last year, she immediately announced she would not run.

She said, “I love my father very much.”. She added, “I am choosing this time to prioritize my children and the private life we are creating as a family. I do not intend to participate in politics.”.

As the New York attorney general pursues a blockbuster civil fraud trial against her father, siblings, and the Trump Organization, she is once again dragged back into the family circus.

The stakes for her personal and professional future could not be higher, even though she won’t testify as a defendant.

She cannot walk away from this trial further distanced from the controversies surrounding her father, said Forbes editor Dan Alexander, author of White House, Inc.: How Donald Trump Turned the Presidency into a Business.

“It’s going to be a difficult situation for her, and I don’t think it’s the direction she wants to go reputationally.” Ivanka Trump built her reputation as a socialite and businesswoman on her father’s name.