Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds clash in battle filming Deadpool 3
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The two superhumans clashed in an epic battle as Hugh Jackman and Rylan Reynolds appeared in character as Deadpool and Wolverine.

It will be Hugh’s first time playing the bad-tempered X-Men mutant since 2017’s Logan in Deadpool 3.

Last year, Ryan shared the news that Wolverine would be appearing in the next entry in the violent and action-packed Deadpool franchise.

While we still have a long way to go until we see the film in its full glory, we do have a first peek at what to expect. They were photographed engaged in a dangerous clash, both in costume – Wolverine wearing the legendary yellow suit from the comics and 90s show.

In the first X-Men movie, Logan questions the suit and Cyclops asks him if he prefers yellow spandex.

Ryan, who played Deadpool, was also dressed in the red suit typical of the franchise.

During the stunts, Ryan was suspended on strings while his body doubles cut, kicked, punched and flew.

For fans of the films, some shots are nothing short of pure violence. Some action scenes, however, almost look like stills from a ballet, as Ryan spins in the air, sometimes being caught and held by High.

Deadpool’s sneak attack from behind as he leaps from a crane seems to catch Wolverine by surprise.

In other close-ups, Wolverine looks like he has the advantage back as he punches the air and swings his arms without the red suit – though Hugh is holding a prop Deadpool leg, with the rest expected to be added in via CGI.

Pulleys and ropes were used to assist in the effects