Hrithik Roshan’s dad Rakesh Roshan hesitant to make ‘Krrish 4
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Due to the volatile industry situation, Rakesh Roshan has become hesitant to direct his son Hrithik Roshan’s Krrish 4.

Rakesh has now spilled the beans about the future of Krrish 4. Given the current state of the industry, he is very concerned about whether the film will succeed or not.

Due to the popularity of Hollywood superhero films made on big budgets, he fears his film might not receive the expected response.

“What is happening is that the audience is not coming back to the theatres, so that is a big question mark for me,” Karan Arjun said in an interview with India Today. There’s no doubt that Krrish will be a big film.”

“The world has become smaller, and kids today see Hollywood superhero films that cost 500-600 million dollars. Meanwhile, we have a small budget of 200-300 crores.” he said.

To attract the audience, the 73-year-old director uses good-quality VFX and action sequences.

“How can we achieve that look in the film?” Obviously, I can have four action sequences instead of 10, but the quality of those sequences has to match. There needs to be good VFX quality.”

We are seeing how budgets and production costs can remain in balance. Big films that are released these days are not doing so well.”

However, Rakesh Roshan has confirmed that Krrish 4 will not happen this year. 

The step forward is absolutely ready to be taken. Currently, however, because films aren’t doing well and collections don’t match production costs, we aren’t immediately looking into it. A year from now, it will happen. It will probably happen after that.”