Hollywood actors union ratifies new contract with studios.
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Hollywood actors union ratifies new contract with studios.
Hollywood actors’ union SAG-AFTRA has ratified a new contract with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers, which represents major studios and streaming services.

About 78% of SAG-AFTRA members voted to ratify the contract. Approximately 38% of members voted, according to the union.

“I know SAG-AFTRA members will continue to advocate throughout our next negotiation cycle,” union president Fran Drescher said.

AMPTP congratulates SAG-AFTRA on ratifying its new contract, which provides historic gains and protections for performers. As a result of this vote, the industry and jobs it supports will be able to return in full force,” the AMPTP said in a statement.

Ratification of the contract caps months of saga that included a four-month strike that paralyzed the entertainment industry and raised existential questions about its future. After tumultuous negotiations throughout the year, Hollywood actors and producers reached a tentative agreement on November 8. Eighty-six percent of the union’s national board approved the tentative agreement.

It took roughly three weeks for SAG’s roughly 160,000 members to vote on whether to approve the contract.

During the signing of the deal, Drescher called it “historic,” and the studios said it represents “a new paradigm” for Hollywood, TV, and actors.

On midnight, the actors’ union strike ended after a tentative deal was reached, bringing a tentative end to one of Hollywood’s most disruptive struggles.

As a result of the tentative deal’s terms, there was controversy. Union members criticized parts of the deal, particularly the AI protections. There have been reports that some union members have posted on social media with the hashtag #SAGAFTRAVOTENO, claiming there are not enough protections in place.