Fireworks explosion at Michigan home leaves one dead, nine injured
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In a 4th of July fireworks explosion at a western Michigan home on Monday night, a woman died and nine others were injured.

According to the Ottawa County Sheriff’s Office, deputies, firefighters, and an ambulance arrived at the scene of the explosion shortly after 11pm.

Nine people were taken to nearby hospitals with injuries ranging from minor to critical. An unresponsive 43-year-old woman was found in the street. 

In spite of life-saving techniques being used on her, she was already declared dead.

In addition to damaging nearby homes and vehicles, the explosion also caused damage to a number of nearby homes. An image posted by local media shows debris and fireworks scattered across a front lawn, along with a broken windscreen.

It is believed that this is the latest in a string of fireworks-related injuries.

A fireworks explosion on a homemade barge in New Jersey on Monday reportedly injured three people, one seriously. CBS reported that the incident is under criminal investigation by the Byram Township Police Department.

Moreover, a 58-year-old man in Illinois is in critical condition after a commercial-grade firework went off in his face on Sunday. An Indiana man was injured after a firework exploded inside his vehicle on Sunday.

Almost 75% of all fireworks-related injuries in the US last year occurred in the month immediately preceding the Fourth of July, according to data released by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission in late June.

In 2022, 11 fireworks-related fatalities were reported; mortar-style weapons accounted for most of these incidents. There were 11 to 43 victims in the case. 10200 fireworks injuries were reported in 2022 as well.