Escaped US killer shaves beard as search widens
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During the weekend, Danelo Cavalcante stole a van and visited the homes of two acquaintances outside the initial search area, a spokesman said.

A doorbell camera at one home shows the 34-year-old clean-shaven and wearing a different outfit.

His disappearance has made headlines in Brazil.

After escaping the initial search perimeter, Deputy US Marshal Robert Clark said the manhunt had entered a new phase.

Clark explained, “In the beginning, we were preparing for the short game.”.

“Now we are planning for the long game. Cavalcante benefited from the search in the woods.”

Cavalcante was sentenced last month to life without parole for stabbing his ex-girlfriend Deborah Brandao 38 times in front of her two young children.

In an attempt to escape Chester County Prison, about 25 miles west of Philadelphia, he crawled between two walls, climbed a fence, and crossed through razor wire on 31 August. Despite being spotted several times, Cavalcante repeatedly evades capture, leaving some schools closed last week.