Emily Blunt credits Tom Cruise for post-pregnancy fitness
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Emily Blunt made her comeback to the industry after she gave birth to her daughter, in February 2014. She gives credit to her co-star Tom Cruise for this.

She credited Cruise for helping her along the way on her post-pregnancy fitness journey. 

“Tom Cruise is the reason I bounced back after the pregnancy, I was in such good shape when I got pregnant,” Emily says.

Cruise should be known as “the new diet pill” as his offer to cast her in Edge of Tomorrow motivated her to exercise after she gave birth to her daughter.

A recent episode of Table of Two podcast revealed that the actress took a year off from acting to spend more time with her family. 

Additionally, Emily stressed the importance of being there for her children during this crucial time in their lives. 

Emily said, “This year, I won’t be working.”. Having worked quite a bit last year and with my oldest baby turning nine, we’re closing in on a decade.” She has been married to John Krasinski since 2010, and has two children.