Cow vigilante wanted for Nuh violence arrested from Haryana
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A man known as Monu Manesar, Mohit Yadav, is accused of instigating violence in Nuh district in which six people died and scores were injured.

Additionally, he is a suspect in the murder of two Muslim men in Rajasthan state in February.

All charges against him are denied by him.

On Tuesday, Mr Manesar was caught in Haryana. Mamta Singh, the state’s additional director general of police, confirmed his arrest to the Times of India.

The Indian Express reports that the police charged Mr Manesar with uploading “objectionable and inflammatory” posts on social media under a fictitious name.

Mobs of Hindu and Muslim men clashed in Nuh last month, resulting in the deaths of six people, including a Muslim cleric.

Hindu nationalist groups Bajrang Dal and Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) pelted a religious procession with stones, according to police. Indian media reported that the processionists raised provocative religious slogans. Nuh residents and Muslim politicians blamed the violence on a video by Mr Manesar released two days before the procession. He appealed to Hindus to “participate in large numbers” in the procession.

As a member of the hardline Hindu group Bajrang Dal, Mr Manesar is also a member of the Haryana government’s Cow Protection Task Force.

According to him, his “true calling is to protect Hinduism and cows” – an animal many Hindus consider sacred.

Although he continued to post videos on social media regularly since the murders in February, police said Mr Manesar was absconding.

In interviews with Indian TV channels after the Nuh clashes, he denied any involvement in the violence.