CJP’s salary increased by more than Rs200,000
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A Supreme Court judge’s salary was increased on Tuesday by Interim President Sadiq Sanjrani.

A salary increase of Rs1,229,189 per month was authorized by the acting president in a memo titled “Salary of Judges of the Supreme Court Order, 2023”.

In addition, other judges of the apex court will be paid Rs1,161,163 per month.

According to the notification, the Chief Justice of Pakistan will receive a salary of Rs.1,229,189 per month, and each other Judge of the Supreme Court will receive a salary of Rs.1,161,163.

As part of the order, the previous order dictating the salary of judges was repealed, and the new order would go into effect immediately.

The Supreme Court Salary Order, 2022 (PO No. 1 of 2022) was repealed, the notification announced.

The salary of the Chief Justice of Pakistan was Rs1,024,324, while the salary of other judges was Rs9,67,636.

SC judges earn more than president

It has been reported that Supreme Court judges earn more than the president, the prime minister, ministers, federal secretaries, and legislators, according to a report published by The News earlier this year.

In May, the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) submitted data to the report.

In terms of previous salaries of the SC judges, the CJP receives the highest salary, the Supreme Court judges are second, and the president is third, while the prime minister receives even a lower salary than ministers.

Chairman Noor Alam Khan told members at a PAC meeting that the president’s salary is Rs896,550, the prime minister’s is Rs201,574, and the federal ministers’ is Rs338,125.

The salary of a parliamentarian is Rs 188,000, while the salary of a grade-22 officer is Rs 591,475 a month.