First FIR registered in Sindh after recovery of newborn’s body
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According to ARY News, the police have filed the first case after finding a newborn body that was unclaimed in Karachi, under the strict orders of Sindh’s Inspector General (IG).

According to the inspector general’s (IG) strict orders, Sindh was the first to register an unclaimed newborn’s body.

In Ittehad Town, police recovered the body of a newborn baby. Police in Ittehad Town filed an FIR against unidentified persons for secretly disposing of a newborn’s body in garbage.

The case was registered under various sections of the law, including abortion.

The Civil Hospital also performed a postmortem on the newborn’s body, in which DNA samples were collected. The police department will investigate the matter following the issuance of the post-mortem report.

Newborn body issue

All unclaimed bodies of newborn babies across Sindh will be medically examined and First Information Reports (FIRs) will be registered by the Sindh police, it was reported yesterday.

Following the discovery of unclaimed newborn babies and their secret disposal at street garbage sites and unattended routes by anonymous perpetrators, Inspector General (IG) Sindh took notice of police negligence in the legal process.

To curb the heinous crime, the IG Sindh office issued strict orders to all officers of all districts across the province to register FIRs and conduct medical examinations of all newborns.

According to the letter, anonymous culprits secretly dispose of unidentified dead babies primarily at street garbage sites or unattended routes and areas in Sindh.

To stop the illegal practice of handing over unclaimed newborn bodies to welfare organizations without inquest proceedings under 174 CrPE and registration of an FIR, the IG Sindh took action.

For the purpose of tracing the culprits, the IG Sindh directed all officers to conduct inquests, medical examinations through medico-legal officers (MLOs) and file FIRs at the concerned police stations.

In addition, it has been directed to ensure that all legal formalities are completed before an unclaimed body of a newborn is given to a welfare organization for burial and storage.

In addition, police officers have been instructed to make sure that welfare organizations notify the concerned police stations immediately when they receive information about the unclaimed dead body of a newborn baby.

By taking this step, the local police will be able to collect evidence and process the case as required by law.

unclaimed newborn babies and their secret disposal