Christine and Paddy McGuinness ‘stronger than ever’ a year after marriage split
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According to reports, Christine and Paddy McGuinness are stronger than ever a year after their marriage ended.

Since announcing their separation around a year ago, the couple has been co-parenting their children.

A source told new: “They are stronger than ever as co-parents – they have put the hurt behind them and are working together.”

When they announced their separation, they shared a statement that read: “A while ago, we took the difficult decision to separate, but our main focus has always been to continue loving and supporting our children.”.

It was not an easy decision, but we’re moving forward as the best parents we can for our three beautiful children. We’ll always be a loving family, we still have a great relationship, and we still live happily together.”

Due to their children’s sensitivity to changes in routine, Paddy and Christine stayed in their £2.1 million family home together for their three children who have all been diagnosed with autism.

She explained that living with Paddy isn’t a “forever plan”, but is what works for them right now. She said: “It’s pretty much like any other parent juggling children and jobs. I also do not want to upset them or change anything too quickly.

It’s okay, we’re family. I’ve known Paddy for 15 years, so life without him is foreign to me.”

Family time continues to be a priority for Christine and Paddy as they get together to celebrate their children’s birthdays and school events.