Bradley Cooper thinking of settling down with Gigi Hadid
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Bradley Cooper is reportedly looking to settle down amid his budding romance with Gigi Hadid as insiders claimed their “romance” is getting “serious.”

Sources say Maestro’s star and supermodel are “together” everyday, with their “relationship on steroids.”

Cooper feels he is getting old, while implying that he might feel good having someone by his side forever, according to the tip.

According to the source, Bradley is getting older. Someday he might say, “I like getting up and seeing her face and having a cup of coffee with her.”

Cooper isn’t impressed by Hadid’s looks because he finds her brains more interesting than her looks.

The insider shared that he finds her intellectually stimulating.

Cooper and Hadid’s romance has also been confirmed by Us Weekly, which revealed the couple might introduce their children to each other.

Hadid and Cooper share their daughter Khai with former lover Zayn Malik, while Cooper is father to a daughter Lea De Seine with ex-girlfriend Irina Shayk.

An insider told the publication the lovebirds are considering arranging a playdate for their daughters so they can get to know each other better.

Cooper and Hadid have “grown closer over the past few weeks,” an insider said, adding that the two have not yet had a playdate with their girls.