BBC helps to free suspected migrants refrigerated lorry in France
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Four Vietnamese women and two Iraqi women were trapped inside, panicking and struggling for breath. Inside the lorry, one of them spoke to the

The contacted the police, who stopped the truck.

A suspected illegal immigration ring has been investigated by the French police after the driver was arrested.

The following is the story of what happened.

My phone screen lit up around midday on Wednesday. The message read: “Some people crossed the border from France to England in a refrigerated van.”

After answering a few questions, I quickly became frustrated when I couldn’t get the information I needed.

I learned there was a group of about six people hiding in the lorry, its license plate number was unknown, as was its location and direction.

At this point, all I knew was that the vehicle was in France, but had turned around and was no longer heading towards the border with England.

I was told the six women were in the trunk of the lorry and the air conditioning had started. There were panicked people inside who were very cold.

However, they were still able to contact the outside world, and the caller connected me with one of them.

“It’s so cold, the cooler keeps blowing,” a young woman texted me from the truck, which carried bananas. An iron bar sealed the truck, she said.