Barbie’s new career has more in common with Messi
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Barbie doesn’t rest on her laurels. Barbie has dominated the box office over the summer, breaking numerous records and becoming a $1 billion global sensation.

It was distributed by Warner Bros., which is owned by Warner Bros. The discovery.

Barbie now focuses on a career path meant to demonstrate women’s active lifestyles. Barbie Women in Sports, a 2023 Barbie Career of the Year doll, was unveiled by Mattel on Wednesday.

In recognition of the severe underrepresentation of women in the sports industry, Barbie is proud to introduce the Women in Sports lineup as the 2023 Career of the Year.

According to the company, the new dolls represent four sports-related careers and are aimed at encouraging girls to participate in sports, which can develop life skills and boost confidence.

There is a new Barbie doll called General Manager Barbie. Wearing a blue-and-white pinstripe power suit, black loafers, and an ID badge, she means business.

It’s no surprise that Coach Barbie is wearing pink – a color popularized by soccer star Lionel Messi’s pink Adidas jersey with his new club, Inter Miami. In addition to her white Barbie jacket and matching athletic shorts, Coach Barbie wears a pink headband, a pink megaphone, and a pink playbook.

In addition to her black-and-white striped referee shirt and black leggings, Barbie is equipped with a headset, yellow flag, and silver whistle. The pink Barbie notebook and microphone are carried by the Sports Reporter Barbie, who wears a purple patterned dress with black heels.

Mattel is also partnering with Voice In Sport, a sports advocacy organization, to conduct virtual mentoring sessions on Sept. 12 for girls and women interested in sports or careers in sports. Jen Welter, who coaches the Arizona Cardinals, will be featured in the session, according to Mattel.