Ayushmann Khurrana reveals being an ‘Indian Idol 2 reject’
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Recently, actor and singer Ayushmann Khurrana revealed that he had been rejected from the second season of Indian Idol.

Ayushmann is a multitalented talent whose acting and singing are both excellent. His dream has always been to become an actor who sings. The idea of becoming an actor who could sing never appealed to him.

Hindustan Times quoted the Dream Girl actor as saying: “I always wanted to be an actor who sings, not a singer who acts.”

There was no doubt in my mind. Being passionate about music and having a musical bent helped me host talent shows like India’s Got Talent.”

“Anchoring and radio were just stepping stones towards my ultimate ambition, to become a part of the Hindi film industry.”

Further, he said he has participated in several reality shows.

 It’s not only that I’ve hosted these reality shows, but I was almost a part of them as well. I was rejected from Indian Idol 2.”

The rejections that Ayushamann Khurrana has experienced have inspired him. Despite their mistakes, he admits to learning from them. According to Pinkvilla, he also credits ‘rejections’ with shaping his personality.

 Since I came to Mumbai and tried my luck in acting and singing, I’ve faced more rejections. My rejections have made me what I am today.”