Australian farmer Colin Deveraux survives crocodile attack
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A farmer in Australia says he is lucky to be alive after repelling a crocodile attack by biting the animal’s head.

A 3.2m (10ft) saltwater crocodile bit cattle producer Colin Deveraux in the Northern Territory, causing him to spend a month in hospital.

The crocodile bit his eyelid as he struggled for survival.

Earlier this month, Mr Deveraux was on his way to the Finniss River to build fencing when he stopped at a billabong (lake).

The man paused by the lake after observing fish swimming in its retreating waters. When he stepped away again, the crocodile “latched” onto his right foot, shaking him like a “rag doll” and pulling him into the water.

ABC reported that Mr Deveraux tried kicking the crocodile in the ribs before biting it back.

Despite my awkward position, my teeth managed to catch his eyelid. It was really thick, like holding onto leather, but I jerked back on the eyelid and he let go.

The man chased me for about four metres before stopping. I leapt away and took off with great steps towards my car.

The bleeding in Mr Deveraux’s leg was stopped with a towel and rope before his brother drove him 130km (80 miles) north to the Royal Darwin Hospital.

He said that if the crocodile had bitten him somewhere else, things would have been different.

It means I’ve got to change what I do. I’ve been walking around that swamp country too long fixing fences and living.”

The Northern Territory’s local government says crocodiles contribute to an important industry and are protected.

They are considered to be of huge scientific and human interest as well as a valuable tourist attraction.

The last fatal crocodile attack happened in April this year on the Kennedy River in Cape York Peninsula, Queensland.