AI could help make it easier to build chemical weapons
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Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has warned that artificial intelligence could make building chemical and biological weapons easier.

It is possible for society to lose all control over AI, preventing it from being turned off in a worst-case scenario, according to Mr Sunak.

Despite disagreements over AI risks, we shouldn’t bury our heads in the sand, he argued.

He said AI was already creating jobs as part of a speech aiming to position the UK as a world leader in AI.

However, he admitted that the technology will have an effect on the labour market, but added that it would catalyze economic growth and productivity.

In response to a government report, the prime minister outlined the capabilities and potential risks of artificial intelligence in his speech on Thursday morning.

According to him, mitigating the risk of human extinction from AI should be a global priority.

However, he added, “This isn’t a risk that people should be losing sleep over right now, and I don’t want to alarm people.”

As a general rule, he said he was optimistic about AI’s potential to improve people’s lives.

There is also a threat that will be much closer to home for many: the disruption AI is already causing in the workplace.

In his presentation, Mr. Sunak discussed how AI tools can perform admin tasks efficiently, such as preparing contracts and helping make decisions, which have traditionally been done by employees.