Women trick shopkeeper, steals gold worth millions
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ARY News reported on Wednesday that a group of women tricked a goldsmith and stole gold worth millions from the Jhelum district.  

According to a CCTV video, three women engaged a jeweler in conversation and stole gold worth millions in Sohawa Bazaar, Jhelum. During their fraudulent activities, the group of women also exploited a child.

In an attempt to evade police, a thief swallows a gold chain, ending up in the hospital

Three women entered the jewelry shop posing as customers and engaged the shopkeeper in conversation while stealing gold with the help of the child, according to the police statement.

Following the theft, the women and children left the shop immediately. Following the women and children’s departure, the shopkeeper was made aware of the gold theft.

As a result of the CCTV footage, the police will soon be able to apprehend the robbery suspect.