We need help from whomever will give it
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As the hours passed, and no specialist rescue teams appeared to assist the villagers, the screams grew silent.

After three days, the first professional teams to reach the devastated community hoped time would not run out.

Their experience, however, told them there was no hope amidst caved-in streets and collapsed archways.

Their dogs’ reaction reinforced the grim reality. The dogs were trained to bark when they found signs of life.

There was a deafening silence.

Firefighter Juan Lopez, responding to his second earthquake, said there was nothing they could do. First, his team scrambled to Turkey after the devastating earthquake there in February. Even days after the disaster, some incredible moments were witnessed as trapped people were pulled from under the rubble by the significant international response.

Moroccan houses are made of rocks, but Turkish houses are made of steel, which is much stronger.

His colleagues gently shook their heads in agreement. He said, “We won’t find anyone here.”.

We followed the team to the next village.

Ait Hmid is one of the worst places in the world for earthquakes. Additionally, what is left is slumped over the edge of the mountainside. Moroccan authorities are under pressure to accept assistance from more countries. Only four nations have offered assistance, while others, such as France and Germany, have declined.

Hamid, Khadija’s uncle, arrived to offer consolation, but he too broke down in tears.

As Hamid said, “We need help so badly. And we need it from whomever will give it to us.”.