TV presenter Phil Spencer’s parents die in car accident
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Following the accident on their Kent farm, Anne and David Spencer died.

Location, Location, Location star Spencer said his parents “would have held hands under the water and quietly slipped away”.

Spencer said that his brother had pulled them from the river but they never regained consciousness.

Spencer, 53, wrote on Instagram that the accident on Friday was “what God planned” for his parents, who have been married for six decades.

Our family is trying to hold on to the fact that mum and dad went together and that neither of them will have to mourn the loss of the other.

While Spencer’s parents had been in “good health” before they died, his mother’s Parkinson’s disease and his father’s dementia had worsened.

The accident occurred in Littlebourne, Spencer said, when their car “very slowly” fell over a bridge, before falling upside down into a river.

Spencer said their carer was also in the car, but she managed to climb out the back window and raise the alarm.

As many farmers do, my brother had a penknife and was able to cut the seat belts,” he continued, adding: “He pulled them out of the river but they never regained consciousness.”

Despite the family’s “desperate sadness and shock”, Spencer said they will be comforted knowing his parents died “together on the farm they so loved”.

Firefighters were called to the scene just after noon on 18 August, where they stayed for 90 minutes.

A statement said three fire engines and a water safety unit assisted SECAmb and made the scene safe.

Location, Location, Location co-host Kirstie Allsopp expressed her love for Spencer.

Her only blessing is that they died together, so they will never have to mourn each other’s loss.

Taking to Instagram to share a recent photo of the couple, Allsopp asked fans to keep them in their prayers.

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