The race to buy AI website addresses is increasing
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The race to buy AI website addresses is increasing. Fees are now being paid for domain names that include AI.

There was a sale of for $250,000 this year, while went for $127,500, according to one report. AI start-ups and technology are generating such head-turning figures because of the feverish buzz surrounding them.

How does the process of getting a domain name actually work? It is estimated that there are more than 1,000 domain registrars in the world. A global organization called The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names accredits all of these.

You type your desired name into one of these registrar websites. Afterward, it will let you know whether it is available or if it has already been registered.

The race to buy AI website addresses is increasing you can maintain ownership of the website address by paying a small amount – as little as £15 a year – if it’s unclaimed.

When the specific domain name is already registered, but you still want to try and get it, you need to contact a domain brokerage. A website address broker facilitates the sale and purchase of website addresses.

If the current owner wants to sell, the broker will contact him or her for a fee, and then try to facilitate a deal.

During the past year, demand for AI-named websites has soared, according to Joe Udemme, chief executive of Name Experts.
The sweet spot for companies looking for a .ai suffix is something short and brandable, he says. “The sales for those looking for .ai suffixes are low fives or sixs,” he says.

In August of this year,, a company that processes domain name sales, reported a $20m increase in the value of domain names that include AI, up from $7m a year earlier.