Tesla rival Polestar plans own smartphone launch
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Swedish electric vehicle maker Polestar plans to launch a smartphone in December alongside deliveries of its first sports utility vehicle to be released in China, the company’s CEO told.

As EV makers launch in China, they put technology at the center of their offerings in an environment where car buyers want the latest features.

There is a (SUV) coupe version of the Polestar 4. As the company ramps up its expansion in the world’s biggest electric vehicle market, this will be the third model it will sell in China.

Polestar’s CEO, Thomas Ingenlath, says the Polestar 4 will start production this year for the Chinese market, with deliveries planned for the end of the year. A smartphone bearing the brand’s name will be launched alongside Polestar’s unusual move.

A joint venture between Polestar and Xingji Meizu, a Chinese smartphone manufacturer owned by Chinese auto giant Geely, began in June

Chinese smartphone manufacturers like Apple and Oppo dominate the market, while Meizu is not a major player. The Polestar smartphone would not be aimed at increasing market share.

Automakers want to make the car like a mobile phone on wheels, which is why an EV company launches a smartphone.

If there is an opportunity to merge these two worlds, without any borders… then there can be a seamless transition,” Ingenlath said.

Imagine a world where you use an app on your phone and then you get into your car and the same app shows up on your dashboard, for example.

Ingenlath expressed frustration with the current technology by saying that he still had problems seeing SMSs.