Storm Ciarán eases but flood warnings remain
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Storm Ciarán, which devastated the UK, has left more than 80 flood warnings in place across the country.

On Thursday, widespread flooding and damage caused by severe weather left thousands without power.

Jersey recorded wind gusts of more than 100mph.

Rain and strong winds are still forecast for some parts of the country on Friday, even though the worst of the weather has passed.

North-eastern Scotland and south-east England remain under a yellow rain warning for Friday and Saturday, respectively.

An additional 220 flood alerts – meaning flooding is possible – stretch up the country in addition to the 88 flood warnings across the south.

In the early hours of Friday morning, Ciarán was on his way out of the country.

“Hopefully the worst of it is now easing as it moves away. Ciaran is moving into the North Sea. It’s weakening, but it’s still bringing quite a blustery wind to many places.”

The Jersey schools, which experienced some of Thursday’s worst weather, will remain shut on Friday and reopen on Monday.

Friday marks the reopening of schools in Guernsey and Alderney, which are neighbouring islands.

Because of storm damage, Jersey’s airport will also remain closed until at least Friday morning.

The island was evacuated overnight on Wednesday and residents were also hit by hailstones “bigger than golf balls”.

During “supercell thunderstorms” over the Channel Islands, locals experienced frequent lightning, large hailstones, and a possible hurricane, according to the Met Office.