Stock market sheds 341 points
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In Tuesday’s trading session, the 100-index of the Pakistan Stock Exchange lost 341.99 points, a negative change of 0.78 percent, closing at 43,557.02 points against 43,899.01 points on Monday. There were 419,302,491 shares traded during the day as opposed to 381,904,794 the previous day, and the price of shares stood at Rs.15.839 billion against Rs. 8.647 billion the previous day. There were 333 transactions in the stock market; 103 companies recorded gains, 211 companies sustained losses, whereas 19 companies maintained their share price. Pak Refinery had 44,181,355 shares at Rs.15.31 per share, Cnergyico PK had 42,405,536 shares at Rs.3.15 per share, and WorldCall Telecom had 26,598,690 shares at Rs.1.15. Among runner-ups, Sapphire Fiber saw a maximum increase of Rs.39.00 per share price, closing at Rs.1,234.00, while Al-Abbas SugarXD saw a rise of Rs.32.