Missing woman rescued from swamp after days of being stuck
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Missing for several days, a woman was found alive in a Massachusetts state park, where she had been trapped in mud for days. 

The family of Emma Tetewsky, 31, reported her missing on June 26. Her cellphone and car were not with her, which led authorities to believe that she was still in the area.

Some hikers in Borderland State Park heard Tetewsky’s desperate cries for help coming from a swamp-like area on Monday. Despite their best efforts, they were unable to reach her on foot and immediately notified the authorities. Tetewsky was located and saved by a joint statement from local authorities involved in the rescue.

Stoughton Police said three officers navigated thick brush and swamp 50 feet from the shore to reach Tetewsky. Rescuers initially encountered treacherous conditions while approaching the trapped woman. Her location was reached by all-terrain vehicles. 

“They blindly jumped into the water and followed the woman’s calls for help,” Easton Police Chief Keith Boone said. Police were successful in reaching Tetewsky and freeing her.

According to reports, Tetewsky had been stuck for at least three days in the mud. Despite serious injuries, she was transported to a hospital without apparent life-threatening complications. 

We thank everyone involved in the search for Emma over the last week. The public never gave up hope that she would be found safely. The police acknowledge that the public’s help was crucial to Tetewsky’s rescue, stating that she couldn’t have been found without it.