South Africa: Suspected gas leak leaves 16 dead
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According to local officials, 16 people have died as a result of a suspected nitrate oxide gas leak in South Africa.

In an informal settlement east of Johannesburg, women and children died from gas inhalation.

Illegal gold mining in the area is suspected to be the cause of Wednesday’s leak.

To extract gold from soil stolen from abandoned mine shafts, illegal gold miners use nitrate oxide gas, also known as zama zamas.

It was discovered that a gas cylinder was leaking in Boksburg’s densely populated Angelo shanty town.

There was a radius of 100m (328ft) around the scene where the victims were found.

Officials with the emergency services have told the BBC that no one needed to be hospitalized.

The search and rescue teams are continuing to work, but they fear more bodies could be found overnight.

In the same town, 41 people lost their lives in a gas tanker explosion just six months ago.