Shahrukh Khan doesn’t fit the standards of ‘handsome’: Mahnoor Baloch
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While he didn’t think Shahrukh Khan was handsome, he said he had a good character.

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According to Baloch, people are attracted to people based on their aura and charm, not just their looks and conventional beauty standards.

If you don’t look at their individual features, some people are attractive… I think there’s something special about them… Perhaps their personality. According to the host, “people like strong personalities.”.

A person’s features don’t have to enhance their beauty, but it makes you feel good when you see them. “, said actor Bobby Cho.

The ‘Pathaan’ star was further illustrated by Baloch by saying, “Let me give you an example. Shahrukh Khan has a unique personality. It’s obvious that he has a great personality. When it comes to the world’s definition of ‘handsome’, he does not qualify. Nevertheless, his personality and aura are such that he looks good. There are a lot of factors involved.”

People may not notice many beautiful people because their auras aren’t strong. As a conclusion, Baloch stated, “I think there’s no definition for it.”.

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