Santos face new expulsion vote after ethics report alleges fraud
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Santos face new expulsion vote after ethics report alleges fraud. Mr Santos exploited “every aspect of his House candidacy for his profit.

The House is scheduled to vote after Thanksgiving, the second time it has considered expelling him in recent weeks.

During his House campaign, Mr Santos exploited “every aspect of his campaign for his own personal financial benefit,” according to an ethics report released on Thursday.

Additionally, he allegedly spent campaign funds on luxury goods and vacations.

According to the ethics committee chairman, Michael Guest, a Republican, in introducing the latest expulsion measure, Representative George Santos is unfit to hold office in the United States House of Representatives due to his egregious violations.

Despite being in the House for less than a year, Mr Santos survived an early November vote to expel him. It is possible, however, that his fate could be different this time.

Legislators who voted against expelling him wanted to read the report from the months-long ethics investigation into his campaign before making their decision.

Republicans and Democrats equally represented on the committee produced a scathing report about Mr Santos, citing voluminous details about alleged fraud.

He announced his decision not to run for re-election on social media, calling it “biased.”

According to the New York Republican, he is a wealthy financier and property owner who self-made his fortune.

There was a lot of fiction in that background, the report stated.

As well as creating jobs at top banks, he boasted about owning a property portfolio and a luxury car collection.

According to the report, Representative Santos never owned a Maserati despite telling campaign staff that he did.

Additionally, he is accused of creating fictional loans to his campaign and then collecting $29,200 in repayments.