Russia hails unexpected G20 ‘milestone
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According to Mr Lavrov, the agreement on the wording was “a step in the right direction” since Russia hadn’t expected consensus.

In its closing statement, the G20 condemned the use of force for territorial gain, but no mention was made of Russian aggression, prompting criticism from Ukraine.

African Union was also inducted as a new permanent member during the two-day summit.

55 countries join at the invitation of hosts India, whose key objective as president has been to make the G20 more inclusive by involving more countries from the Global South.

There were other key agreements reached in Delhi, including one on climate and biofuels – although critics noted that fossil fuels were not phased out at the summit.

The G20 did not take an official “family photo” for the second year in a row. Despite Russia’s presence at the summit, many leaders refused to be photographed, according to reports.

Almost nobody expected a joint declaration at this year’s G20 – let alone on the first day. The group is deeply divided over Russia’s invasion of Ukraine last year. Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping did not attend, sending lower-level delegations instead.

As a result, there was surprise when Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi reached a consensus on the Ukraine section of the statement, which saw last year’s direct criticism of Russia watered down.

During a news conference on Sunday, Mr Lavrov said a “milestone” had been reached.

The Global South is no longer willing to be lectured,” he said in response to a question from the Yogita Limaye.

While the UK and US praised the joint statement, Ukraine – which did not attend the Bali summit this year – said it was “nothing to be proud of.”