Pakistani woman crosses border to meet ‘PUBG friend’ in India
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ARY News reported on Wednesday that a Pakistani woman was arrested on Wednesday for ‘illegally’ crossing the border with her four children to meet a man in India through an online game called PUBG Mobile.

She reportedly entered India illegally with her four children to meet her friend Sachin from Greater Noida, whom she met on PUBG Mobile.

With her four children, the Pakistani woman entered India via Nepal and first entered Uttar Pradesh before taking a bus to Greater Noida.

A Pakistani woman was found living illegally in Greater Noida as time passed. He told police that they rented the house in May from Brijesh, the owner of the apartment.

According to Brijesh, the couple had four children and claimed they had a court marriage. Also in his 20s, Sachin owns a grocery store in Rabupura, Greater Noida.

According to the police, both Sachin and Seema have been arrested, and the case is undergoing further investigation.

Her husband was Ghulam Haider, a resident of Karachi, Pakistan. As of 2019, Ghulam Haider is working abroad. It has been requested that Pakistani authorities bring back the children of the woman’s husband.