Nepal registers first same-sex marriage hailed as win for LGBT.
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Nepal registers first same-sex marriage hailed as win for LGBT.

The first same-sex marriage registered in Nepal has been hailed as a victory for LGBT rights activists.

The western Lumjung district formally registered the union of Maya Gurung, 35, and Surendra Pandey, 27.

Five months earlier, the Supreme Court issued an interim order allowing same-sex couples to register their marriages.

The only other Asian country to legalize same-sex marriage is Taiwan.

According to Ms Gurung, their registration was a “big day” not just for them, but for all sexual minorities as well.

She said, “The fight for rights is not easy. We have done it. And future generations will find it easier.” “Registering has opened doors for us in a lot of ways.”

They had stated that they wanted to open a joint bank account and share ownership of the land. Their biggest dream is to adopt a child once their finances are more stable.

Their relationship has lasted almost a decade. This year, they sought legal recognition of their marriage after they were married in a temple ceremony in 2017.

Transgender woman Ms Gurung has not changed her gender on official documents. As a male, Mr. Pandey was born and identifies as such.

A district court in Kathmandu refused to register their marriage on 13 July despite the Supreme Court’s order that the government register such unions until legislation to change the law is prepared.

In its opinion, the district court was not bound to follow the order since it was only directed at the government.

Hem Raj Kafle, chief administrative officer of Dordi rural municipality, told Reuters on Wednesday: “We have issued the marriage registration certificate to the couple in accordance with the Supreme Court’s order.”