Nepal earthquake Thousands spend night outdoors in cold
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Over 300 people were injured in the quake, which killed 157 people.

Officials say the search and rescue missions are coming to an end.

Currently, the focus is on sheltering the homeless and arranging essential supplies. Tents were not enough, according to rescue teams.

In freezing temperatures, thousands of people who lost their homes slept under the open sky or in makeshift tents.

One of the victims, who lost her sister in the earthquake, expressed her grief: “We are forced to live in this situation. We have lost everything. There is no food or shelter. My sister left us all. We need help.”

Jajarkot and Rukum West, two districts hardest hit by the 6.3-magnitude earthquake, are receiving relief efforts.

We are hearing stories of horrifying experiences, miraculous escapes, close calls, and devastating losses of family and friends.

One of them is Baljit Mahar, who lost his seven-year-old son.

Mahar told Reuters in Chiuri, a remote village in the hilly Jajarkot district, “We couldn’t save him, but the other six members of the family were able to escape as soon as the earthquake woke them up.

His son’s body was pulled from the crumbling facade of their one-story mud and stone house.

I have been left without any belongings and clothes under the debris,” Mahar said.

As another Rukum survivor, Baljeet BK, pleaded for government assistance to shelter the now homeless:

People are sleeping outside in the open. We have to stay in this cold. Entire houses have disappeared.”