Man breaks 100-metre sprint record wearing heels
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Spanish man breaks world record by running 100 metres in high heels.

Spanish serial record-breaker Christian Roberto López Rodrguez ran 100 metres in 12.82 seconds, according to Guinness World Records.

He took over the Guinness World Record from André Ortolf, who completed the 100-metre track in 14.02 seconds last year.

In an interview with Guinness World Records, Rodriguez said preparations were thorough and specific. It is very challenging for me to run fast in high heels.



There are races like this in Spain, and I have always done well in them.”

Stiletto high-heeled shoes are required for those bidding to break the record. Platform shoes are not permitted as they are too wide at the tip and must be at least 7 cm (2.76 in) high.

Christian said he wanted to prove that Type 1 diabetics such as himself are capable of doing as much or more as people without diabetes.

Other records held by the Spaniard include the longest duration balancing a bicycle on the chin (9 minutes 41 seconds), the longest duration balancing an object on the nose (2 hours 42 minutes), and the most consecutive steps climbed while juggling three objects (2,082).

The record holder holds 57 Guinness World Records and plans to set more during the current year.