Mali rebels claim control of Kidal base after UN exit
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According to Tuareg rebels, they took over the UN peacekeepers’ base in Kidal, a northern city in Mali.

After its last convoy of peacekeepers fell victim to two explosive attacks on its way to Gao, another important northern town, the UN mission in Mali (Minusma) said it had ended its presence in Kidal swiftly.

On social media, the Tuareg coalition claimed victory, saying it controlled Kidal.

In an interview with AFP, a local official said the rebels occupied the camp immediately after the UN mission left.

During the mission’s evacuation of the Kidal region, which has been ravaged by jihadists and separatists, this was the third and last camp to be evacuated.

There were also camps at Tessalit and Aguelhok.

Despite earlier ceasefire agreements with authorities, separatist groups have recently resumed hostilities in the region. The Malian army is opposing the handover of the peacekeepers’ camps.

Mali’s military government has demanded the UN force leave by the end of the year, saying the mission against Islamist militants has failed.