King Charles Kenya visit sparks fresh call for skull return
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It has been requested that the skull of Koitalel arap Samoei, a military and spiritual leader killed by the British in 1905, be returned to the Nandi community in Kenya by elders of the community.

A fresh request comes days before King Charles III’s visit to Kenya on 31 October.

Colonel Richard Meinertzehagen, who tricked Samoei and other Nandi leaders into attending a truce meeting, killed Samoei, who waged a fierce resistance against colonialism.

In addition, the elders are seeking compensation for the atrocities committed against the community during colonial rule, including murder, detention, and forcible displacement of the Nandi.

In the UK, there is a museum collection that contains Samoei’s skull.

It has been repeatedly requested that Britain return the remains of the Nandi people.

Earlier this year, descendant David Samoei told Kenya’s KTN News TV channel that he is appealing to King Charles to allow the skull to be brought back to Nandi for an honorable burial.