Killers of tourists and Ugandan guide shot dead
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A Ugandan army spokesman reports that troops have killed at least 11 militants, including the attackers who killed two tourists and their guide last month in the Queen Elizabeth National Park.

After the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) attacked their honeymooning couple on 17 October, David Barlow and Emmaretia Geyer were shot dead.

This attack also claimed the life of Ugandan tour guide Eric Alyai, whose wife and one-year-old child survived.

In an effort to find the militants, the Uganda People’s Defence Forces (UPDF) immediately launched a massive operation.

A spokesperson for the UPDF said the attackers were gunned down near the border with the Democratic Republic of Congo on Tuesday night on Lake Edward.

“It should be noted that this was part of the group responsible for killing the tourists. All splinter groups within the ADF are still being eliminated,” he said.

With a presence in western Uganda, but mainly in eastern DR Congo, the ADF is an Islamic State-linked rebel group.

41 children were killed in a surprise attack by ADF fighters on a Ugandan school in June.