Khloe Kardashian speaks up about deadly skin-cancer journey
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Khloe Kardashian recently opened up about post-surgery effects following her tumor removal in 2022.

Despite always blaming body-shaming for her struggles, the reality star spoke out about the deadly skin cancer scare she suffered last year.

“Not that we needed the arrow to show the indentation on the side of my face, but because we removed a tumor from my cheek, I ended up with an indentation,” Khloe captioned a cropped mirror selfie.

According to the Kardashians star, she would rather have an indentation than melanoma.

Khloe also shared before-and-after photos of her cheek, as she is now getting cosmetic injections, and posted pictures from the results.

Khloe also expressed her gratitude towards the doctors, saying, “I am eternally grateful to all those who continue to assist me in my battle against skin cancer.”