Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui favours division of provinces
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  • Dr Siddiqui believes that Pakistan is the only motherland.

  • He claims that denying new provinces is hypocritical.

  • PPP doesn’t represent Karachi residents, politician says.


In his speech, the convener of the Muttahida Qaumi Movement-Pakistan (MQM-P) said that establishing new provinces would be hypocritical, since provinces are administrative units, not inseparable parts of the country, and considering the establishment of new provinces as treason implies hypocrisy.

According to the politician, the comments came after the death anniversary of Shuhada-e-Urdu was commemorated in Liaquatabad.

According to Dr Siddiqui, only Pakistan is the true motherland, and provinces are only administrative units, whose numbers should be increased in line with the growth of the national population.

The motherland is only Pakistan, he said.

Creating new provinces reflects the patriotism of MQM-P leaders and aligns with their responsibilities to their country.

According to him, for the past 15 years, all the power and resources of Karachi have been held by a party that has never had a genuine mandate from the city’s residents.

The people of Karachi do not represent this political party. It doesn’t matter who the new mayor belongs to; the same party has no authority over the city,” said the MQM-P chief without explicitly naming the PPP.

Despite the unfair delimitations of 100 of its union committees, Jamaat-e-Islami and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf decided to compete in the recent local government elections in the city.

Syed Mustafa Kamal, Senior Deputy Convener of the MQM-P, also made similar remarks about the need for new provinces on Saturday.

In a media interview, he welcomed the suggestion to create new provinces in the country put forward by Senate Deputy Chairman Mirza Muhammad Afridi.

He remarked that the prosperity and longevity of Pakistan could be achieved by forming new provinces.

In addition to providing a solution to the problems in urban Sindh, it is high time that the Senate deputy chairman as well as other political leaders consider the possibility of creating new provinces,” Kamal said.

Due to sheer neglect on the part of the Sindh government of the PPP, water supply, sewerage, and road infrastructure were in ruins in the urban parts of the province.

Due to the biased conduct of the ruling PPP, the youth of urban Sindh are in agony, said MQM-P leader. Urban Sindh residents are deprived of government jobs both on merit and in accordance with their quota, he said.

According to him, non-native applicants were recruited for government jobs reserved for candidates from urban Sindh. In recent months, this unfair trend in hiring had been extended to the civic and municipal agencies of Karachi, where jobs were filled by hiring non-natives while local candidates were denied them.

As a result of the ruling PPP’s biased policies, the MQM-P leader pointed out that it had weakened the very foundations of Pakistan.

According to him, Sindh’s residents couldn’t afford PPP’s anti-state, biased rule. The PPP’s absolute rule over Sindh for more than a decade, he claimed, had wrecked the entire province.