Julie Bowen reveals Sofia Vergara’s ‘deal with the devil’
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Bowen mentioned her recent visit with Vergara, emphasizing their strong friendship. She praised Vergara’s resilience and praised her ability to handle challenges.

Despite her divorce, Bowen assured everyone that Vergara was doing well and had a strong support system. Both actresses remain close friends and support each other in their careers and personal lives.

Please be aware that the AI language model cannot provide insights into Sofia Vergara’s undisclosed method for maintaining her youthful appearance, as it does not have access to such privileged information.

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It’s fascinating to see how Sofia prioritizes self-care by ensuring she gets sufficient rest and stays hydrated. Despite the challenges of going through a divorce and embarking on a new relationship, she appears to be thriving.

Recent reports suggest that Sofia has moved on from her seven-year marriage with Joe Manganiello and is now rumored to be dating Justin Saliman. It’s inspiring to witness her resilience and ability to embrace new beginnings.

Since then, they have been seen together on multiple occasions, prompting speculation about their relationship status. Despite attempts to keep their relationship private, they have been seen holding hands and engaging in affectionate displays of affection while out in public.